How to level the floor in the apartment with your own hands: options and ways of leveling

пример регулируемого пола

Leveling and screeding

пример регулируемого пола

Do not know how to properly level the floor in the apartment with your own hands? Decided to change the floors? Parquet, hardwood flooring, laminate… There are absolutely different types of flooring, which differ in price, material quality, functionality, etc.

But have you ever thought about what the outer layer of the floor is held on, what is hidden under the finishing layer of the floor covering? The right choice of substrate will be the key to long life of the floor, excellent soundproofing, warmth and comfort in the house. We will tell you how to level the floor with your own hands so that the process of leveling the floor with your own hands went quickly and smoothly.

Ways to level your floor

There are several ways to level the floor, and the oldest of them is concrete screed. But the concrete screed basically does not solve the problem of high-quality leveling of the floor: it is, first of all, time-consuming and long process (according to experts, the concrete screed requires pulling moisture out of it for at least 28 days).

This process – rather expensive: turnkey concrete screed will cost you 600-700 rubles per square meter. Plus the same amount will cost to bring the screed self-leveling mixture to the required standards of differentiation of the base (the difference may not be more than 2 mm per 2 pg. m).

устройство пола по регулируемой плите

If the floor is decided to prepare for parquet or requires a comfortable floor that protects the hardwood floor or laminate from moisture and also not cold, then on top of the concrete screed will need to lay at least 1 layer of plywood. Total about 1400-1600 rubles per square meter, and this is not the limit.

What are the ways to level the floor base? To date, the Russian consumer market offers adjustable flooring of two types: the first is the installation of a raised floor, and the second is an adjustable floor on wooden planks (it is also divided into the floor on adjustable planks and boards).

Technology of leveling the base of a wooden floor on adjustable beams

Consider the technological features of the installation of adjustable beams for the floor with their own hands.

First, wooden joists are placed on the subfloor, where the plastic stud bolts are already screwed in. Holes are drilled in the concrete for rigid fixing with dowels to the base of the floor bolts-stands and beams. For complete alignment of the beam system, the struts are rotated with a special wrench, and after alignment, the excess of the bolts is cut off.

Laying of communications is possible almost immediately: there will always be access to them for replacement, repair. It is also possible to lay the insulation layer on special mounting brackets, which will serve as a more effective sound and heat insulation of the floor.

укладка пола на лаги своими руками

At the final stage of laying the floor on the joists with their own hands, with a prepared base, plywood is laid with a layer of at least 18 mm (one or two layers). On top, on the top layer of plywood lay finishing coating – laminate, parquet, any other material.

The process of constructing a floor on an adjustable slab is similar, the only difference being that the load is on the slabs, so the design itself does not provide for the presence of the joists.

First, holes are drilled in the slab and sleeves with internal threads are inserted into them: they will perform the function of the beams. After that, bolts made of plastic are screwed into the sleeves, through which holes are drilled in the concrete.

They are attached with dowel nails to the concrete base of the floor. This process is used to fasten the plate to the concrete substrate. A special wrench is used to rotate the bolts after fastening in order to level the boards.

It is the turn of the plywood: its upper layer is laid with an offset, thus overlapping the joints of the lower layer. Fasten the plywood with screws, the step length – 10 cm. It is possible to use plywood in one layer, if it is thicker than 18 mm. This system of boards is suitable for those who do not want to raise the floor high (new houses have an average level of base difference, equal to 3-5 centimeters).

We suggest you look at the photos and prices of poured 3D floors: although the pleasure is not cheap, but the floor itself – durable, beautiful and comfortable.

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Raised floor construction

The design of the raised floor consists of removable plates, thanks to which there is free access to communications for repair and maintenance, so it has found widespread use in office buildings. In cottages, apartments, adjustable floor is used, i.e. where before laying the floor covering prepare the base, leveling it, or where it is necessary to replace the old floor structure that has failed.

The raised floor is mainly used in office buildings: here, in addition to providing free access to the communications under the floor, it relieves the static stress that is formed due to constant walking a large number of people. The raised floor kit includes plates, which are installed on a steel support, fixed to the base.

монтаж фальшпола

The main element of the raised floor is the support, coated with paint to protect against corrosive processes. It is made of metal of special grades, it contains a polyethylene gasket with shock-absorbing conductive cross-shaped plates; thanks to them the electrical connection between the boards and, as a consequence, the subsequent removal of static electricity.

High density particleboards make up the surface of the raised floor, their facing is varied: aluminum foil 0,05 mm, galvanized steel 0,5 mm. On top can be glued all kinds of finishing coats. Often the boards are supplied with already applied, ready-made coating – porcelain tiles, vinyl, carpet, etc.

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Advantages of adjustable floors. Comparison of the cost of concrete screed and adjustable structures

A number of incomparable advantages are characteristic of both raised floor and adjustable floor structures. Firstly, a perfect leveling of the floor base is guaranteed, where the new flooring will subsequently be laid. Secondly, if compared with the concrete screed, the entire range of work is carried out in the shortest possible time (so, 1 worker in 1 day can perform 20-30 m2).

цена регулируемого пола

Also, for those who would like to get good thermal and sound insulation, it is difficult to choose a better option than an adjustable floor on joists with your own hands, because the floors are not monolithic, have an air layer with sound-absorbing properties. Such a floor is durable, will last at least 50 years due to the constant circulation of air under the floor.

There is also no need to worry about the placement of utilities: The design of the floor makes it easy to hide them in the subfloor space plus there is always quick access to them. Adjustable floors on slabs or joists are significantly more expensive than metal raised floor and concrete floor, and in the case of reconstruction of the building due to the ease of flooring on the joists and even indispensable.

The price of “turnkey” adjustable floors, provided the use of high-quality “parquet” plywood 18 mm thick is about 1300 rubles per square meter.

The technology for making adjustable floors was developed and patented by S. N. Kardashev, the founder of the company “Department of New Technologies”, who is a co-owner of various raised floor designs.

The company “Department of New Technologies” officially produces and sells adjustable floors, raised floors in Russia, Ukraine and post-Soviet countries. The presence of the registered trademark DNT, which can be seen on the products – adjustable floors – indicates that the product is in strict compliance with technical specifications, legal issue and no violations of patent laws.

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