Rack and pinion bathroom ceilings: types, installation features

подвесной реечный потолок в ванной


подвесной реечный потолок в ванной

The use of a rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom is becoming an increasingly common solution in the course of the repair due to the pronounced advantages of rack and pinion structures. For example, you can use them to hide flaws in the main ceiling, to install additional built-in lighting in the room.

The rack and pinion ceilings are unaffected by moisture, humidity and temperature differences, they are hygienic and practical – this is evidenced by numerous consumer reviews. In addition, thanks to a wide choice of materials, rack and pinion ceilings will fit and complement any interior design solution.

Types and design of slatted ceilings for the bathroom

Если вы пришли к решению установить реечный потолок в ванной комнате, необходимо определиться с материалом его производства и типом конструкции.
По материалу производства различают в основном 2 вида реечных потолков: алюминиевые (металлические) и пластиковые.

Aluminum slatted ceilings for the bathroom are more popular because of the advantages of the material as such – it does not rust, has dust-repellent properties, fits into almost any interior and care is very easy – after a light wash it will shine just like after installation.

реечный потолок в ванной

Metal rack and pinion ceiling for the bathroom is recognized as a durable and reliable finishing material, and thanks to modern methods of applying powder paint it is given not only a unique color, but also texture, which can imitate wood, marble, leather, as well as have a matte, glossy or pearl surface, the choice of which depends on the desired effect. As the function of the suspended ceiling is largely decorative, the use of rack and pinion mirrored ceilings for the bathroom, made of chrome sheet material, or lath color “matte metallic” is relevant to the hi-tech style.

Plastic slatted ceiling for the bathroom is notable for its low price, the possibility of placing spotlights in any point, but plastic ceilings can not be disassembled in a particular place – if you need to dismantle the ceiling must disassemble it from the edge to the place you want.

The most popular is the white plastic ceiling – it is versatile and fits almost any interior.

Classification of laths by the characteristics of the joints:

  • Open panel implies that between the panels is a distance of 10-15 mm, which can be filled with monochrome or contrasting decorative inserts, and is usually used for public spaces with a solid ceiling height (5 m and above);
  • Closed panel is connected with the overlap of one panel to another and resembles a method of mounting battens;
  • No gap panels create the effect of monolithic coverage, as collected closely and the joints are almost invisible.

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Classification of slatted ceilings on the form of panels distinguishes German and Italian design:

  • For the German design is characterized by clear shapes, they are usually rectangular and look good in combination with a decorative insertion of the same or a contrasting color;
  • Italian design involves roundness of form and is used mainly in the installation with closed joints.

Classification of slatted panels by size is quite scarce – the length can be 3 or 4 m, and the width varies from 90 to 200 mm, with the most popular are the panels of width 100 and 150 mm.

Suspended ceiling design

установка реечного потолка в ванной

Installing a rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom – a fairly complex technological process, but it if you want you can do with your own hands, carefully measuring the room and calculating the required amount of material.

A slatted bathroom ceiling kit should include:

  • Slatted panels and, if necessary, a profile for joints;
  • Rails for mounting rails;
  • Corner profiles for placement on the perimeter of the room;
  • Adjustable suspension system for creating additional points of fixing the system to the main ceiling;
  • Decorative ceiling plinth.
  1. Make sure that the ceiling surface is clean and dry.
  2. If the ceiling is supposed to have light fixtures, it is advisable to make holes in the slats for them in advance, as well as outlets for lighting fixtures.
  3. Self-tapping screws or plugs are used to fix hangers on which the slats will be placed. The spacing of these slats depends on the size of the ceiling and can be 70-150 cm.
  4. An end profile is placed around the perimeter of the room.
  5. The protective foil is removed from the slatted panels (please note that it is a must, but if it is missing, it is recommended to choose a similar product from another manufacturer) and the panels are attached to the guide rails.
  6. The joint is masked with a ceiling plinth.

The main brands and manufacturers of slat ceilings, their advantages

Today, construction stores offer a huge range of rack and pinion ceilings in the bathroom and not only, and we will consider the characteristics of the most popular brands – a brief overview will help to navigate in the range of materials if you decide to buy rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom.

реечный потолок в ванную комнату

Rack and pinion bathroom ceiling “Albes” of Russian production is a finishing material of high quality aluminum with a matte or metallized decorative surface coating of panels and is available in Italian and German designs. The main advantages of slatted flooring in the bathroom, “Albes” are its environmental friendliness, durability, unique suspension system, which allows you to create multilevel ceilings, and increased resistance to corrosion. The color scheme is limited to the RAL palette.

Bard (Russia) rack and pinion bathroom ceilings are suitable for placement in any room due to their hygienic and environmental characteristics and are offered in individual configurations. Products company “Bard” has excellent quality through the use of the latest technology in the manufacture of materials and technology using double thickness of metal for places, which presuppose heavy loads on the ceiling. Rack and pinion ceilings of this manufacturer are considered to be the most durable.

With the Geipel® aluminum slatted ceiling (produced in Russia according to the original German technology), presented in a strict German design, you can create a homogeneous monolithic surface finish. Products of this brand are further processed by special compounds, which make the ceiling elements are absolutely insensitive to moisture and wetness, and are made of high quality anodized aluminum. Due to the environmental friendliness of the materials used in the production, Geipel® grid ceilings can even be used in children’s and medical institutions.

Hunter Douglas Dutch rack and pinion suspended ceilings are available in an extensive range of 50 standard colors and different textures. They offer excellent performance, ease of installation, as well as moisture resistance and durability. The main distinguishing feature of this brand is a three-layer enamel coating the face surface of slat panels and anti-corrosion treatment of all elements of the set. Hunter Douglas materials can be used directly in the building and retail center to complete the finished slatted ceilings for the bathroom.

реечные потолки для ванной, Франция

Rack and pinion bathroom ceilings made in France, such as Cesal, are also very popular among consumers: they are not only as good in quality as the brands described above, but also have a richer color range, represented not only by standard monochrome colors, but also by shades from soft beige and peach to black pearl. A distinctive feature of French slatted ceilings is the pearlescent surface.

The cost of materials and installation of slatted ceilings in the bathroom

Pendant slatted ceilings for the bathroom can be purchased or ordered from an official dealer of a particular brand, pre-determining the required amount and having formed a budget.

To calculate the cost of materials necessary to carefully measure the ceiling area and taking into account the protrusions or recesses of the walls to determine the direction in which the suspended ceiling panels will be located – longitudinal or transverse.

In this case, you can visually correct the visual perception of the room irregular shape – for example, a long and narrow bathroom will look more spacious if the panel is laid parallel to the short wall. The length of the panel should be chosen so that it covers the entire space from wall to wall – joints on the short side of the panels are allowed only for very large rooms. Please note that to take measurements, which will be as accurate as possible, you can use the services of a measurer, which will cost about 500-600 rubles.

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Estimated prices or price ranges:

  • The cost of a lath panel varies depending on the manufacturer, width, qualities and characteristics of the material and can range from 120 rubles for 3-meter and from 160 rubles for 4-meter;
  • Rails (bars) for lath panels can be chosen from a price range of 170 to 600 rubles per unit;
  • Decorative inserts and skirting boards are available from 140 to 500 rubles per unit;
  • Connectors range in price from 70 to 250 rubles.

Suspended rack and pinion ceilings in the bathroom – a convenient and high-quality type of finishing, which allows you not only to save on the elimination of defects in the main ceiling, but also to complement the interior design with a bright accent or, conversely, to balance the perception. If you are a little doubtful of your abilities, when planning the budget for placing a rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom or other room, also lay the cost of specialists based on the price per 1 m2. Although it is quite possible to install a rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom yourself – we suggest you watch a video with rack and pinion ceiling installation instructions carefully:

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