Independent installation of sliding doors: the stages of installation, instructions

установка раздвижных дверей своими руками


установка раздвижных дверей своими руками

The conditions of small apartments are constantly pushing masters to find the best and most comfortable solutions for organizing the space of the rooms so that the interior design elements do not take up unnecessary space, and freeing it up for other needs.

That is why the system of sliding doors appeared on the market and in a short time these designs have become very popular. The assembly and installation of sliding doors will help you solve the following problems:

  • Saving space;
  • Getting rid of thresholds that block access to another room.

Important: Such designs do not provide the room with tight insulation. And this is a significant disadvantage, which can be easily eliminated. To do this, you need to choose the right design of the sliding door.

There are sliding systems for doors with a single leaf sliding into a matching slot. It is this design that allows you to count on isolation and privacy.

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установка раздвижных дверей

It is not difficult to install a sliding door in the apartment on your own. The design of sliding doors is simple, and the scheme depends on the design of the fixing mechanism. And for the work you will need:

  • Rollers;
  • Fasteners;
  • Rail;
  • Accessories;
  • Door handles;
  • Box post;
  • A pair of architraves;
  • Wooden bar;
  • Nails;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Anchors;
  • Door leaf.

The door leaf must necessarily exceed the size of the door opening by 7 cm in height and as much in width.

How to install sliding doors yourself?

The actual installation process begins with securing the sliding door to the lower roller rail.

First, drill holes in the metal rail with a distance of at least 20 cm and fix it on a wooden bar. The lower part of the door leaf should have a milling – i.e. a groove where you will install and fix the roller. Insert the wheel there, which will prevent the sliding door from sliding while it is opening. If you don’t have a router, you can also make one yourself with a wood nib and a chisel.

Then fasten the beam with the rail strictly in a horizontal direction. It should be pressed against the wall as tightly as possible, so do not skimp on screws. To its end, attach the guide rail, which will ensure that the door sash can move freely.

Please note! If at this stage you allow any error, the door will ride on the rail arbitrarily, bringing a lot of unpleasant moments during operation.

Insert the casters into the fixed rail. Place the bottom roller exactly under the bottom bar so that the door stands upright. The bottom rail can be an aluminum or iron U-shaped profile. It is easy to install and fix it on the surface. Next, put the door leaf from below on the guides, and then insert the upper rollers. When the leaf is in place, place the stops inward with a rubber shock absorber. This helps keep the door from sliding out of the guide rail.

раздвижные системы для дверей фото

In the next step, install a box post, which should be at the side of the door frame. Fasten the post to the wall with special corners. Add aesthetics will add side and upper trim, nailed with ordinary nails. And now you can mount the door handles.

Remember! It is not recommended to install door handles in the early stages of sliding door installation to avoid possible rework.

As a rule, the consumer who acquires a sliding door, rightfully expects a complete set of all components, which must be assembled according to the instructions. It clearly defines the stages of installation, so even for the novice craftsman installation of a sliding interior door will not cause confusing moments and difficulties.

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The main thing here is that the rollers rode freely on the rails and the operation of the door did not cause any particular difficulties.

Now you know how to install a sliding door with your own hands. If you still have any questions, we hope that the video on self-installation will definitely help you:

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